About Us


Our mission

To enhance, continue, and extend the total Eisenhower School and ICAF lifelong learning experience for alumni, students, and faculty. We are a 501 (3)(c) not for profit educational organization. We are not associated with any government entities.

What we do

Recognize academic excellence

Association of the ICAF Research and Writing Award
Best Industry Study Theodore Antonelli Award
Sponsor the Major General Harold Washburn, Jr. Award for Excellence in Leadership
Support alumni children's academic excellence through Major General Joseph D. and Sue Brown Scholarship*

Support and benefits

Provide access to EBSCO database*
Conduct Brown Bag luncheon VIP speaker events
Manage IMart for merchandise sales, gift and industry study needs
IMart proceeds benefit annual Alumni Softball Game and Picnic
Sponsor Tiger of the Year Award for Outstanding Athletic Performance
Administer J. Carlton Ward, Jr. Distinguished Chair for faculty research
Retain Association staff to provide reliable membership and support services to students, alumni, faculty, and Board of Directors

Facilitate networking

Maintain Association website
Social media engagement
Robust alumni database
Support class reunions, social events
Engage industry via Industry Fellows, current students, and alumni
Host Welcome party for students
Host End of Year BBQ for students and alumni
Email newsletter highlighting events, alumni update

*denotes Lifetime Member benefit

Meet the Team

You may not always see us, but we are here working hard for you.

John Sperling

John Sperling

Association President

Marc Halyard

1st Vice President

Paul Severance

Secretary + Executive Director


Amanda Tyner

Store + Program Manager

Sam Glover

Ways + Means Chair

Chris Warner

Activities Chair

Billy Starkey

Industrial Rep

Ned Krafchick

Ward Chair + Foundation

Calvin Peterson

Class of 2022 Rep

John Reed

Class of 2021 Rep

John Bailey

Class of 2020 Rep

Mike Oshiki

Class of 2019 Rep

Augusto Casado

Class of 2018 Rep

Questions? We have answers.

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