Scholarship Program

Major General Joseph D. and Sue Brown Memorial Scholarship Program

The Association of ICAF-ES Alumni’s mission is to enhance, continue and extend the total learning experience of alumni, students, and faculty. This scholarship fund honors Eisenhower School’s former Commandant, Major General Brown, and his wife Sue, and their commitment to lifelong learning and was established after their tragic death in a plane crash while he was serving as Commandant of ICAF. The scholarship areas of focus are: (1) STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math); (2) Music; and (3) Leadership, and reflect the passion of Major General Brown and Mrs. Brown. These awards are made possible with the donations by the Eisenhower School Spouses’ Club and proceeds generated from other sources, including the Association’s various fundraising efforts, membership, and I-Mart student store proceeds.

Scholarship awards are available to children/spouse of Lifetime Members of the Association.

For membership details, please visit our membership page. Applications are accepted through April 30 of the current year and up to three (3) awards are distributed every May/June. Application packets will be made available online.

2023 Scholarship Details can be found by clicking here